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Spirit’s Doran’s Blade Elise

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The theory behind Doran’s Blade Elise

Samsung Blue…is a team that has creative level 1’s


  • You take very little damage. Going through an entire clear of his jungle (excluding golems), Spirit took approximately 70 damage. He took so little damage that he was able to camp Impact in the second game versus SKT to the extent that Impact was 0-3 by 09:00. It allowed Samsung Blue to take the bottom tower and a dragon for free. The first time he based in the second game against SKT was after he died around 09:35 to allow a PawN triple kill!
Spirit takes very little damage (1)

Spirit has taken next to no damage.

Spirit takes very little damage (2)

Again, he is very healthy.

  • Skittering Frenzy gives a lot of attack speed. At rank 1 it is 60% for 3 seconds. This means that extra attack damage and sustain from the Doran’s Blade is used very efficiently.
  • You don’t “waste” 150 gold on health pots. On Spirit’s first back, he spent his money on wards and boots. 150g doesn’t sound like much and it isn’t much. But the gold that Spirit saves allows him to buy wards in the early game without it distracting from his overall build. This gives him greater map control (2 x sight ward or 1 x vision ward) in the early game for free. He made a play against Bengi with this in Bengi’s top jungle in the first game against SKT. The early game in League of Legends is all about snowballing your advantages, however small they may appear to be.
  • You trade very effectively against a jungler who started with a Hunter’s Machete. Spirit ran into Bengi around 06:40 in game 1 against SKT T1. He used his combo which put Bengi at approximately 35% hp. Spirit’s Spiderlings tore through Bengi’s health. Spirit then continued chasing with his Rappel and then forced a flash from Bengi. Because of his dominating trade, Blue were then able to dive Impact to further extend their gold advantage.
Spirit outrades Bengi (1)

The damage from the spiderlings and the attack speed steroid tore through Bengi

Spirit outrades Bengi (2)

He was forced to flash and base which allowed Blue to dive top

  • Dragon control. Spirit was able to tank dragon with his Spiderlings and then take very little damage from Dragon. Even though PawN’s Nidalee showed up, Spirit could have solo’d it.

Samsung Blue Spirit’s Elise Runes and Masteries

Spirit's Elise stats

Spirit has 591 hp, 290 mana, 64 AD, 10 AP, 0.6AS, 345 MS (he’s not in Spider Form), 29 ARM, 30 MR.

My proof

You can see here that I have the same stats as Spirit.

This is what I think Spirit uses:

Spirit's masteries

At first glance they appear to be odd choices. These masteries are not 100% accurate as it would be painstakingly hard for me to measure certain ones like the gold p/10.

Almost all of the mastery points are based around helping Spirit clear the jungle more quickly and more safely. It allows him to start Doran’s Blade. For example, he takes Tough Skin and Bladed Armour which reduce minion damage and quicken jungle speed. The Vampirism mastery point also gives him extra sustain in the jungle.

The cooldown reduction from Intelligence is great because it allows him to go through his rotations more quickly when attacking someone. Mastermind and Summoner’s Insight allow him to make more aggressive plays more often because he has a greatly reduced cooldown on flash.

The main reason I see for not venturing into the Offense tree is that he already gets a lot of penetration from his runes. It’s also possible that he needs the extra sustain he gets from the utility points to keep him topped up fully through his jungle path. He takes little to no damage in his jungle clear.

Spirit's Runes


Some of these runes are educated guesses. I can’t be sure that Spirit used mana regeneration glyphs because he may have used magic penetration ones. I know he uses four attack damage marks and it would make sense to combine these with hybrid penetration marks too. Considering his emphasis on attack damage, it would have been wise to add a little bit of armour penetration to his runes.

The two ability power quintessences are definitely utilised and I would assume that he takes more penetration after that. It really helps his early-mid game damage due the huge amount of % hp Elise can remove from her enemy.

In summary, Doran’s Blade allowed Spirit to hinder Bengi’s jungle. It allowed him to play very aggressively because he didn’t have to recall and he traded well with the extra hp and attack damage.

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  • Julian Ontiveros

    Thanks for the article! Is it possible he’s using CDR blues in his runes? Seems more likely than mana regen, just curious what you think

  • Joensi

    I’ll just got the same stats on that rune page without the manaregen but have all 9 blues free. that makes me go with Julian on the CD Glymphs

  • zaibuf

    I would go flat MR over mana regen or cdr anyday.

  • IB Rico

    I have tested these runes/masteries just now in a solo clear custom game.nnWhen i ran MR blues along with 0/9/21 i felt like my clear took too long and even though i had a dorans i was still pretty low after the first clear.nnHowever when running CDR blues, i had no issues at all with sustaining in the jungle. I feel like the CDR from utility is kind of wasted if you don’t use CDR blues along with that.nnI wouldnt recommend this vs a heavy AP team though since you dont run MR blues.

  • Brownie

    He is not 21 in utility since his movement speed is still 345.

    • IB Rico

      I just ran util and i started with 345 movespeed. Take into consideration that many junglers use Movespeed quints. Maybe thats why you think hes not using util.

    • a

      You don’t NEED to put points into movement speed masteries… in fact I almost never do it unless I’m running a 1/0/29 support page.

  • a guy

    Oh all the flame i got for starting dorans blade on elise. Even when it really payed off. Like if i got a kill top and mid the first 3 min they would still flame. If only they knew the efficiancy

  • Xin

    This article is heavily skewed. It does not take into account what SKT was playing nor how they were playing. Game 1 of the series PoohManDu was playing Leona a champion he is not known for or practiced on and Faker was under performing allowing Elise’s invades.nGame 2 of the series Impact was playing Tryndamere, again a champion not known for playing or practiced on. Tryndamere had already lost the lane in 1v1 vs Rumble pre-6. Actual gank from Elise started with Tryndamere blowing spinning slash trying to farm without vision. Second gank was a dive with Tryndamere still level 5.

    • HP

      I don’t think SKT’s performance is supposed to be the focus of this article…

  • Zuphix

    After seeing this article, you’ve really intrigued me, I was interested in how Elise was built in the competitive scene when I saw she was built as a utility tank (Mainly the use of the Ancient Golem)nnnAfter looking at the replays of SKT T1 vs SG Blue, I noticed that your mastery page is incorrect, and therefore your rune pages are also incorrect, great work nonetheless, I’d just like to help finding the correct version.nnnYou have matched Spirit’s stats at level one, but if you look at his stats again at level 2 and 3, he has more than 10 Ability power, which leads me to think He’s running 9 in offense, (8 at the least, but no reason not to pick up Arcane knowledge).nnnHe has total stat gains of 3 AD per level, 1 AP per level, somewhere between 3 and 4 Armor per level (I assume 3.35, as Elise’s base scaling), and a tiny amount of attack speed. I did not catch health or mana values to see if they deviate from Elise’s base scaling.nnnThis left me wondering how he chose to get his level 1 AP up to 10, 9 flat AP blues is a possibility, but is it a necessity? This would allow starting with 1 AP but keeping the MR Blues vs AP heavy teams.nnnHaving 345 Movement speed, but also what looks like bonus health from Veteran’s Scars, leads me to believe he has 2 Movement speed Quints, this may mean his full rune-page is:nnn7 Hybrid Pen Reds,n2 Flat AD Reds,n9 Flat Ar Seals,n9 Flat AP Glyphs,n1 Flat AD Quint,n2 Movement Speed Quints.nnnI can’t be 100% sure however, and would like to know what other possibilities you may come up with.

    • Jim

      So, would you say that he’s something like 9/0/21?